Sometimes the day ends too soon, especially when you have lots of problems. Believe it, RAAM is never boring. Everything quickly turns from bad to good and from good to bad.

Marko was able to cycle across Kansas fastest of all times he did the race. Yesterday was a really fast day, and it was quite difficult to go to sleep, but it was more than necessary. The average crossing speed was 27,65 km/h including bedtime stop.


"What a difference a day make..." Yesterday, Marko had some black scenarios in his toughts, but today is another day. The speed with which he overcame planes of Kansas is among the largest of all the participants.


Right after the descend, temperature went up but also wind escaleted. Can you guess wich direction? Yes, headwind and even some sidewind. Marko did his job and finished the hardest part of the race. In first 90 hours he’s done 2030km.

The night has his own power and we wanted to use it, so we made the crew change just outside of Durango. The sun was slowly disappearing behind the hills and Marko started his uphill part of this race, riding to the Wolf Creek Pass, over 3300m over the see. The night and the altitude made the temperature drop to 5°C. We also got some rain showers.

What can I say. Picture is not perfect due to overtaken car, but what can you do. This is it, after 10 years and after 7th RAAM crossin throu there. 

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