Flats in Colorado

Right after the descend, temperature went up but also wind escaleted. Can you guess wich direction? Yes, headwind and even some sidewind. Marko did his job and finished the hardest part of the race. In first 90 hours he’s done 2030km.

Marko is currently on 5th position. He was counting on this since he is sleeping like 2 hours more than most of the first riders. This year he has decided to start slow, sleep more and he hopes he would be better than previous years in second half of the race. 

How does he feel? Yesterday was really hard in the Colorado mountains. He went through his troubles and today he woke up reborn. We expect a good day. Issues with saddle source, feet, arms are usuall and we try to fix them as we can. Team breathe as one, and is now a well-tuned as it should be.

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