Marko's bike is broken

The night has his own power and we wanted to use it, so we made the crew change just outside of Durango. The sun was slowly disappearing behind the hills and Marko started his uphill part of this race, riding to the Wolf Creek Pass, over 3300m over the see. The night and the altitude made the temperature drop to 5°C. We also got some rain showers.

And than we saw Gulewitz in the mirror and he sprinted to Marko and asked him, how is he feeling, than he stayed behind. 

Marko had to go to the toilet and we drove off the road at the first proper place. Well, in the dark night, you can miss something. He started to go on and all we could heard’s broken. WHAT? We couldn’t belived it, but didn’t had time to check twice. We took the second bike, changed the wheels, because, they were not for the hills and quickly went ahaed. There is no time to spend off the bike. We had to bring Marko as soon as possible over the hill, to get his rest. 

So, Marko is resting and I have to find a new bike. Do you have one white Giant TCR size L to spare?

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