The first half of the race

"What a difference a day make..." Yesterday, Marko had some black scenarios in his toughts, but today is another day. The speed with which he overcame planes of Kansas is among the largest of all the participants.


It is still hot with 35 degrees and the wind does not want to give up, but luckily not for long in the chest. The weather forcast predicted the storm, we hope to avoid them, although Marko says that he wouldn’t mind refreshment.

About 23 miles after the time station in Pratt (Kansas), we crossed halfway point and traveled 1,496.8 miles or 2,408.9 kilometers and in 4days 6hours and 30 min.

The highlight of the day for the crew, in addition to Mark's well-being, was showering. Kevin was able to find a motel, so we could refresh as kings. Yes, such an everyday routine is pure luxury in the race.

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