An excellent season behind me and RAAM again in 2013

A season without RAAM
Even without RAAM, I had a very challenging season – with a 100 mile World Record on the Road and the 24h TT World Championships as the major goals. I can say with confidence that my season was successful with only one second place and all the rest were victories.

My winter training was more relaxed last winter as I devoted my time to writing a book about my ultra-cycling years, plus there was no pressure on me without RAAM in the plans. Even so, I prepared really well for the first race of the season Race around Slovenia. It was one of the most enjoyable races of my career, but I came up against a perfectly prepared Cristoph Strasser, so I could “only” manage second place.

A month after RAS it was time for my record attempt. This year it was “only” a 100 mile effort and the training sessions had to be a beat shorter but a lot faster! I managed to put in a great effort and bettered the old record by more than 4 minutes, my new record is set at 3h 48min 41sec with the average speed of 42,22km/h! Here is a short film about my ride:
- 100 Mile World record film

It took me a long time to find time to come to RAO as the race organiser has invited me there 8 years ago. A long trip and trouble with the baggage didn’t stop me in giving it my best performance and win with a new record, breaking the old course record by more than 4 hours!
- RAO report

Riding Tortour in a 6-person Laureus Charity Team was one of the best racing experiences of my career. More about it:
- Team buidling at Tortour

To support my cycling friend Dex Tooke, who took upon himself to organise a race in West Texas and to start my RAAM preparation, I decided to race the inaugural NCOM. I won the 384 mile long race with a time 20h 59min.

After NCOM and than two weeks of hard training in Texas, it was time for the final race of the season - the 24h TT World Championships in Coachella Valley (CA). WIth a large group of competitors mostly from USA and GB I had to be at my best to achieve my goal of winning the first World Champion Title in my career. I did it and here is my report:
- 24h TT World Championships report

One of the moments from 2012 that I will cherish the most is writing an autobiography about my 6 RAAMs, for now in Slovenian language, maybe some day also in English (if I can get it financed)?

As I've have shown in all of this year's races, I am still a force to be reckoned with in ultra- cycling competition and I feel I have a few more of good racing years in my legs. In 2013 I will be back at RAAM on the tenth anniversary of my first RAAM attempt in 2003 and I am going to put all my forces into trying to win the hardest race in the World. It will be my sixth solo attempt at RAAM and until now I had a second and a two third places in solo competitions (2006, 2009 & 2011), to go with my only victory as member of a 2-person team in RAAM 2008.

You can help me reach my goal by helping me overcome a huge financial burden of RAAM expenses. By making a donation of any amount, you will help my cause more then you know and every penny (Euro, $) does count! You can donate by pressing the DONATE button on the top left side of this website or on FUNDRAZR site.


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