I am looking for TIME STATION SPONSORS to help me with the RAAM expenses. If you have no time to do RAAM, you can become involved with 'buying' yourself a Time Station and helping me achieve my goal.

There are 54 Time Stations across the USA and at every Time Station we must call in my arrival. Every TS means the next step in a long way across the USA. My team will use all the strength, energy, will and teamwork to help me make it to the finish line as fast as I can. You can become a part of my Team with making a donation and picking for yourself a Time Station you want to sponsor. When I pass you TS, we will send you an e-mail letting you know where I am and how fast I am progressing.

If everything goes according to plan, I should be fast enough to better my best result by 3h, which means getting under 9 days crossing. With the fierce competition in 2017, I don't want to predict anything, only that I will give my best and try to come as close to 8 days as possible. You will also get the postcard from Finishline letting you know the achieved result.

The price of the Time Stations is as follows:
- normal TS: 100€,
- Start, Finish and half-way (Pratt, Kansas): 500€.

Your logo will be posted on www.markobaloh.com in the RAAM 2017 TS sponors spread sheet with the link to your company's website.
E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and reserve your Time station. You can make a donation through PayPal to the aformentioned e-mail



No. TS
Time stop (TS)
TS-TS (km)
TOTAL (km)
Sponsor TS
START Oceanside,CA 0 0  
1 Lake Henshaw, CA 91,7 91,7  Vinogradnistvo Kraner-Plateis
2 Brawley, CA 142,2 233,9  Ograje Komar
3 Blythe , CA 144,3 378,2  Caleb Porter
4 Parker, AZ 82,6 460,8  
5 Salome, AZ 90,2 551,0  Chris O'Keefe
6 Congress, AZ 84,7 635,7  SpruzzaMist
7 Prescott, AZ 81,2 716,9  Paul Perry
8 Camp Verde, AZ 87,6 804,5  
9 Flagstaff, AZ 165,5 970,0  SpruzzaMist
10 Tuba City, AZ 120,7 1.090,7  
11 Kayenta, AZ 115,6 1.206,3  Caleb Porter
12 Mexican Hat, UT 71,9 1.278,2  Marko Mastrovič
13 Montezuma Crk, UT 63,7


 Caleb Porter
14 Cortez, CO 80,8 1.422,7  Matej Kapelj s.p.
15 Durango, CO 71,1 1.493,8  Larry Bailey
16 Pagosa Springs, CO 87,4 1.581,2  Caleb Porter
17 South Fork, CO 77,2 1.658,4  Katja M., Aleš F., Matej H., Mitja Š., Aleš S.
18 Alamosa, CO 75,0 1.733,4  
19 La Veta, CO 93,8 1.827,2  Love, Sweat & Gears
20 Trinidad, CO 105,2 1.932,4  
21 Kim, CO 114,7 2.047,1  Caleb Porter
22 Walsh, OK 110,0 2.157,1  
23 Ulysses, KS 87,1 2.244,2  Fabio Silvestri 
24 Montezuma, KS 80,7 2.324,9  
25 Greensburg, KS 106,4 2.431,3  Hannes Michel
26 Pratt, KS 51,7 2.483  Andrew Thomas
27 Maize, KS 123,5 2.606,8  
28 El Dorado, KS 54,7 2.661,5  
29 Yates Center, KS 104,0 2.765,5  
30 Ft Scott, KS 96,6 2.862,1  Aleš Sušnik
31 Weaubleau, MO 105,3 2.967,4  Marianne Johann
32 Camdenton, MO 79,0 3.046,4  
33 Jefferson City, MO 91,3 3.137,7  
34 Washintgon, MO 124,2 3.261,9  Frizerstvo
35 Mississippi River 116,6 3.378,5  Matej Kapelj s.p.
36 Greenville, IL 74,1 3,452,6  
37 Effingham, IL 79,3 3.531,9  
38 Sullivan, IN 117,1 3.649,0  Benedikt Goldkamp
39 Bloomington, IN 108,4 3.757,4  Benedikt Goldkamp
40 Greensburg, IN 101,1 3.858,5  Benedikt Goldkamp
41 Oxford, OH 80,1 3.938,6  
42 Blanchester, OH 80,7 4.019,3  
43 Chillicothe, OH 93,5 4.112,8  
44 Athens, OH 95,3 4.208,1  Roletarstvo Bayer
45 West Union, WV 137,7 4.345,8  
46 Grafton, WV 74,6 4.420,4  
47 Mc Henry, MD 90,0 4.510,4  Anne-Marie Kugel
48 Cumberland, MD 78,8 4.589,2  
49 Hancock, MD 59,8 4.649,0  Ograje Komar
50 Rouzerville, PA 78,0 4.727,0  
51 Hanover, PA 64,9 4.791,9  Ed B.
52 Mt Airy, MD 58,9 4.850,8  Jeffrey Boltz
53 Odenton, MD 63,5 4.914,3  jrobic.com
CILJ Annapolis 24,4


 Marianne Johann








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