Presenting my new bike Spiegel Diablo - Aero Road Bike

The Gran Canaria Training Camp was my first big outing with my Diablo bike, by Spiegel Bikes. A little bit about the equipment of my beauty:

After years of only using the Shimano electronic (Di2) shifting, I decided to equip this one with mechanical Shimano Dura Ace groupset for a reason of easier repairing in a case of some problems at Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme 2020. Knowing how the climbing is at Gran Canaria I used the Fulcrum clincher wheelset with 11-32 cassette (and 52-36 chainrings). I did add a triathlon add-on bar for the possible headwind sections and I was glad I did!

I enjoyed my two and a half weeks on Diablo a lot. Cycling 2.600+ km in 18 days with 54.000m of climbing was a pleasure. Despite its stiffness and aerodynamic shape, Diablo handled awesomely while climbing and even more at descending. While accelerating out of the corners, I felt no flex of the frame and the bike accelerated quickly and exactly in the direction I wanted it to go. Even with that stiffness Diablo was a very smooth ride even on some of the worse roads on GC. 

The mechanical shifting didn’t take long to get used to and it worked like a charm. I loved also the way Diablo felt while riding on the pedals on the steep parts of the climbs. And believe me, there were lots of those! Using the 36-32 combo was hard of course, but as fluid as possible and I was grateful of choosing that gearing in the first place. And all the effort of climbing was not in vain, as the descending made it all sooo worthwhile! With the wind in our hair, mostly very good road surface and the cars showing a proper respect to the cyclists, it was such a pleasure descending with Diablo.

One last thing. There wasn’t a lot of riding on a tri-bar on GC, as there is hardly any flat. But a couple of times while riding in the stiff headwind from Soria back to Maspalomas, riding Diablo was just fantastic, felt like I was riding a proper TT bike. Not to mention a few rocket fast rides from Vecindario to Maspalomas with the tailwind, when we reached the speed of 65+km/h. Those are the feelings we cyclists live for! And Diablo is the bike to give you such a pleasure day in and day out. 

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