My personal stats for our 24h Indoor Cycling for a Charity

I rode 873,9km with 1.300m of climbing on Zwift in 24 hours. Rest stops 15 minutes, riding time 23h 45min. Average power 184W, average speed for the ride (stops excluded) 36,4km/h.



I drank 20,5l of fluids, more exact 24 bottles of 7dcl and 2x5dcl of water and 3x5dcl of Coke.

The calorie intake:  11.360kCal

The calories burned:  14.600kCal (source Strava)

The calorie intake:

  • Perpeteum 12x320kCal = 3.840kCal
  • Sustained Energy 12x230kCal = 2.760kCal
  • Hammer gel 20x85kCal = 1.700kCal
  • Heed 2 x100kCal = 200kCal
  • bars Mobberley Cakes 5x370kCal = 1.850kCal
  • 1 banana 100kCal
  • Coca Cola 670kCal
  • Red Bull 240Kcal

TOGETHER 11.360kCal


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