What went as planned at RAAM 2013? 1. WINFORCE & TURBO KATKA

All of you who follow my blog already know what went wrong during (and before) this year's RAAM – the RV problems and my illness before the race, which was in large part responsible for the outcome of my race. In fact I can be thankful that I even managed to finish the race in such circumstances. In my next blogs I will share with you many of the positives that (besides my stuborness) helped me achieve a more than respectable 5th place.


After the indigestion issues at RAAM 2011 I've decided to change my nutrition plan for this year's race. Instead of trying to go with liquid diet, my nutrition was 50% liquid and 50% solid food. So, one hour I would drink 1 bottle of Carbo Basic + and add two Ultra Energy Gels and the following hour I would eat two bars Turbo Katka and drink Gatorade. In hoter conditions I would drink extra bottle of ice water. Once daily I consumed a hot meal, mostly it consisted of carbo hydrates (spagetti) and sometimes we added sandwitches, even a Big Mac here and there.

The combination was a winning one! For the first time in my RAAMs (not so little of them) I had no dhiarhea or any other indigestion problems. The nuntrition plan was spot on and I am really glad we finally have this issue resolved. It makes me confident for my next participation…

My sincere thanks to the companies WINFORCE and Pri Sladki Katki who supported me for this season.

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