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The crash ends my season 2020 prematurely

On Friday August 28th, 2020 I was participating in the Chasing Cancellara Ultrafondo in Switzerland. I was among the 500 entrants racing from Zurich to Zermatt (280 km and 6500 meters of climbing). Here is what has happened:

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I rode 873,9km with 1.300m of climbing on Zwift in 24 hours. Rest stops 15 minutes, riding time 23h 45min. Average power 184W, average speed for the ride (stops excluded) 36,4km/h.



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Marko continued his 500+ streak and rode more than 500 miles in each of his 24h races in 2016, winning his first World Cup 24h title!

Official Overall Results for World Cup 24h:

1. Marko Baloh (Slovenija) 1.598,7 milj

2. Chris Hopkinson (VB) 1.283,6 milj

3. David Baxter  (ZDA) 1.201,2 milj

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